Stephanie's Proposal

On February 26, 2011, exactly 2 weeks after Cori proposed to me at the aquarium, it was my turn to proposed to Cori. It was also our boxer’s 3rd birthday, which made the day even more special!
I woke up at 5am to get ready for work. Prior to my departure, I left 3 little notes scattered around the apartment, which eventually led to a poetry book. The poetry book was a one year anniversary gift from Cori, which she purchased at an antique store. The book was published in 1905 and was filled with beautiful writings of love. I’ve read every word written in that book and found one specific poem that reminded me of Cori. The last hidden note led her to page 13 of that book, as well as a 4th note with a seldom hint of things to come. The 4th note read “you are like a sunset to me; you’re all kinds of beautiful.” Those lyrics were suppose to foreshadow a proposal that was going to take place during a sunset. It was going to be perfect, but of course, perfect in “Stephy’s World” has a different definition.

The Third Note

At 10:30am, I arrived home from work and told Cori that we had to catch the 1:49pm train to Grand Central Terminal. Upon our arrival to NYC at 2:30pm, Cori and I jumped on the 6 train and headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. I originally told Cori that we were looking at venues, which completely threw her off. She was so nervous… it was adorable!

When we got off the subway I told her we were going to walk the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn. We walked hand-in-hand across the bridge, only stopping to take photos or to admire the NYC views. It was a cold day, about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but the sun was shining, creating breathtaking views of seaport, lady liberty, and the NYC skyline. After our 30 minute walk, we headed towards DUMBO to get Girmaldi’s pizza. I know pizza isn’t the most romantic dinner, but Corrine absolutely loves pizza and I thought it would be a nice treat to take her to the best pizza place in all of New York.

NYC Skyline

Upon exiting the bridge, three things went terribly wrong:

  1. We almost didn’t locate Girmaldi’s because I have an awful sense of direction.
  2. I failed to remember the long line of tourists at Girmaldi’s, which caused a 45 minute wait in the cold.
  3. My plan to proposed on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset was not happening because we missed the sunset due to the 45 minute wait for pizza.
After we ordered a small pizza for takeout, it was too cold to walk the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. Instead, Cori and I jumped on the C and 6 train and headed back to Grand Central Terminal. We sat in the dinning area and ate our pizza, which was definitely worth the wait.

I did, however, feel like an epic fail, but I was not ready give up all hope. I had one more proposal idea up my sleeve! I took Cori to the “Whispering Walls” near the Oyster Bar and asked her through the wall “will you marry me?” After I asked my question, we both turned to face each other and I fell in love with her smile. I walked towards where she was standing and I placed her sapphire ring on her finger. I ended my proposal with a passionate kiss. Even though the setting wasn’t in the plan, it turned out to be the better setting. Grand Central Terminal is our place.

Grand Central Engagement

When Cor and I arrived back to our apartment, she told me that she absolutely adored my proposal. She said “it was completely spontaneous and unorganized, which is totally you.” Her words made me smile. It’s always been our little inside joke: she’s practical and I’m whimsical. Each of our proposals perfectly reflected our personalities, which made them utterly and unarguably perfect.

Violet Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring