Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stephorrine Pack: Part Uno

When Steph isn’t a slave to her graduate program and when I am not working 12-hour night shifts at the hospital tree nights per, we are finding time to explore and adding new members to our family!

Three leashes?!?!

If you follow us on social media, then you already know that we recently adopted our third pup, Lux! She is incredible and the most perfect addition to our family. How did Lux come into our lives? Glad you asked!

Introducing Lux <3

As we approached our shared one-year anniversary in the Bay Area this past October, Stephanie and I began to research some local dog rescues on Facebook. We wanted to jump start the imminent New Year by giving back via volunteering and we are utterly passionate about animals, especially dogs. During our research, we discovered many local rescues, but it was Muttville Senior Dog Rescue that captured our hearts.

Click Here to donate/adopt/foster/support Senior Pups!

On Christmas Day, after eating leftover Holiday treats for breakfast, Cori noticed a post on Facebook by Muttville asking for volunteers to help with waking senior dogs at Fort Funston, which happens to be our favorite local dog park! We decided to trade in our lazy Christmas morning to help out the senior dogs with the assistance of our 2-year-old cattle/lab mix, Gambit. Unfortunately, Madison, our 6- year-old boxer, suffered a ligament tear to her left knee and had to stay home since the vet advised she only participate in short walks and light exercises. Fortunately, Madison’s weekly acupuncture, knee injections, and hydrotherapy, as well as daily joint supportive herbal medications have been helping her heal beautifully. We are pretty sure that if she could talk, then she would say “what injury? LET ME RUN ALREADY!” 

Senior Dog Walk at Fort Funston

Acupuncture for Maddy

We each walked one senior dog with Sherry, the founder of Muttville, and a few other volunteers, while Gambit followed us off leash. We had such a blast during the walk and Gambit was such a wonderful helper, making friends with everyone he met. Stephanie, of course, wanted to adopt every dog and did her very best to convince me that we could add a third dog to our family. I said we can think about it, but she was pretty persistent on going forward with the idea. About a week later, we officially began volunteering at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue during their adoption days on the weekends. The more we volunteered, the more we toyed with the idea of adopting a senior pup. By this time Maddy was continuing to heal wonderfully and Steph exhausted enough energy to convince me that a third furry member would be the best next move for us. She was right.

Muttville Volunteers!

On the 17th of January, also our "first began dating" anniversary, we were on our way to Morro Bay with our two pups to celebrate our dating anniversary when we made the spontaneous decision to stop by Muttville to see the dogs before we left for the weekend. We met a tiny Chihuahua named “Elle” who lit up as soon as she laid eyes on us. We decided to take her for a walk and instantly fell in love her. The idea of adopting a Chihuahua never crossed our minds, but you really cannot help whom you fall in love with. We immediately filled an application and set a date for Elle to meet our Madison and Gambit.

Love at first sight <3

Our first meet and greet did not go as plan because the rescue was unable to reach Elle’s foster parents. Luckily, we were able to reschedule the very next day! During the meet and greet, our two dogs loved Elle, but Elle wasn’t sure how she felt about them. Although we can’t say we blame her considering they are 50 pounds each while she is a mere 7 pounds. We did a "pack" walk and had them all greet each other off leach in a neutral environment at the rescue. The meet and greet went very well, and we found ourselves signing papers and shopping for tiny dog items at the local pet store. Elle became our Lux and our newest family member. We are now a three-dog family, which basically means we have ourselves a pack. 

Stephorrine Pack <3

A pack?! What does that even mean?! ;)

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