Friday, October 31, 2014

Our Meaningful October

Happy Halloween! In celebration of our favorite Holiday we would like to share a #flashbackfriday picture of our first Halloween together...

Rocking the 80s

The month of October holds a great deal of significance for us. Here are five reasons why LOVE this month:
  1. Our Wedding Anniversary (10/13/12)
  2. HALLOWEEN! (Also... watching Hocus Pocus on repeat)
  3. Autumn (Even though the Bay Area of California does not have an autumn… things we miss about the East Coast)
  4. Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING
  5. Our one-year anniversary since moving to San Francisco!
On the 13th of October, Cori and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary. Okay… scratch that… we actually celebrated on the following weekend because I have classes all week and my school thought it would be cool to have a weekend intensive on our anniversary weekend. Classes are great, but I would have preferred any other weekend! Nevertheless, Cori and I had a mini celebration on our anniversary date filled with poetry, surprises, and a lovely couple’s massage.

Cori surprised me at school!

Handmade necklace from the Ferry Building Market Artist Vendors!

On the weekend of the 24th of October, we took a three-hour car drive to Lake Tahoe with the pups. We stayed in a lovely family-owned hotel and spent the weekend hiking through the beautiful wilderness. The best part was the weather! Unlike the bay area, which experiences a summer during the month of October, Tahoe was cold and autumn-like! We even saw some foliage and on Saturday the mountains received snow! The pups were the most excited about the snow.  

Echo Lake

8 mile hike around the lake in Tahoe

Pine Cone Queen <3

Snowy Mountains!

Two AMAZING Years!

Tahoe Foliage!

As previously mentioned, it's been one full year since we made our journey across the United States and we are not looking back! Aside from being consumed by school and work, we are still delighted to call the West Coast home. We also think it is safe to say that we are now official San Franciscans. Here's our top 10 supporting evidence…
  1. We survived our first earthquake… a magnitude-6.0 that rattled through Northern California on Aug 24, 2014 at 3:20AM. We even packed an emergency earthquake kit and have an official evacuation plan! Go us!
  2. The hills don’t even faze us.
  3. Naked people don’t even faze us and the Folsom Street Fair is an epic time.
  4. We’ve nailed SF fashion… layers are crucial!
  5. We appreciate and love Fisherman’s Wharf, but learned to avoid it like the plague because it is basically the Time Square of San Francisco.
  6. We are devoted Giants fans (WORLD SERIES 2014!)
  7. We have a favorite neighborhood restaurant and it is a burrito place.
  8. Peets and Philz trump Starbucks.
  9. We can navigate BART/MUNI with our eyes closed.
  10. We have our California license plate!

And let's not forget... more Wanderlust Wednesdays and What We Love Weekends posts to come! In the meantime, head over to our Youtube channel and checkout our new Q&A video we uploaded on the night of our anniversary!

Happy Halloween! =)

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