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What We Love Weekends - Bay Area Birthdays

Recently we celebrated both of our birthdays! Cori's turned 28 years young on May 17 and Stephy turned 28 years young on the 19th of June!

Cori's birthday excitedly fell on the same weekend as Bay to Breakers. We had heard of this race through flyers, but were hesitant to sign up because it fell on Cori's birthday weekend. While at the race expo for the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon, we were swept into signing up and became increasingly eager as the date approached. We went to the Bay to Breakers race expo on Cori's birthday with a friend, and the we made a quick stop at an arts ceremony, hosted by Stephy’s school, in which she was asked to attend by her professors. Due to the vast errands of that day, we decided not to celebrate on Cor’s actual birthday, but rather the next day.

Race Day!

We woke up very early the next morning and dressed up in our Monsters Inc. costumes. Bay to Breakers is a sort of right of passage to all those living in the bay area. It was created to bring the people of San Francisco together after they suffered a devastating earthquake in the early 1900s. The race is in its 102nd year. It starts at the bay side of San Francisco and continues seven miles throughout the city, in which participants run up the challenging Hayes Hill, breeze through Golden Gate Park, and finish with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. Between 50,000 and 150,000 participate in the race; although, not all make it to the finish line due to the abundance of parties happening over the city. The fun tradition of Bay to Breakers is to dress up in costume! People go crazy and wear full mascot or Halloween costumes or run completely naked. We chose the costume idea and dressed up as Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc., but kept it light because we were going to actually run.



Anyone who knows Stephanie knows that she is an amazing runner! She leaves many people, including Cori in her dust, especially when she is in the competitive mode of a race. One of the things Cori asked for her birthday was for Steph to run with for the entire 12K. Stephanie did a wonderful job of keeping with Cori's pace. She did, however, sprint up Hayes Hill for a bit of a challenge, but waited on the top of the hill for Cori to catch up. Cori was glad to have been able to run with her wife/running partner by her side and share in each other’s accomplishments in the moment, rather than searching for each other at the finish line. It was a total blast and Stephanie is planning on running more races with Cori in the future.

12K Champs

After the race, we met up with a friend who also ran and grabbed the best post race omelets! Steph, of course, had scrambled tofu, keeping it vegan and gluten-free! Once we showered and took a quick power nap, Stephanie surprised Cori with a couple’s a post-race massage, which is the best way to wrap up a birthday race weekend!

Stephanie's birthday wasn't far behind, but fell on a weekday instead of weekend. Cori surprised her the night before with a gluten-free vegan blueberry basil pie. It was more difficult to make than Cori imagined, but once she started, she was going to finish it. Stephanie loved it and enjoyed her dinner/breakfast birthday pie! Cori had been teasing Stephanie about what they were going to be doing for her birthday and kept it a secret until they were on their way. The only piece of information that Stephanie was given was to wear sneakers and comfortable clothes. The surprise was a trip to iFly, an indoor skydiving park. It’s an exciting way to experience weightlessness and flying without the fear of jumping out of an airplane. Stephanie still wants to jump out of a plane, but at least this was an exciting taste. We had an absolute blast and even took the risk of flying higher in the wind tunnel than the rest of the group.

Skydiving Stephy

Skydiving Cori

A tasty Thai dinner followed our exciting afternoon, as well as birthday cake. Cori found a bakery, located in the East Bay, that would make Steph a gluten-free, vegan cake, saving Cori the trouble of the challenging baking task. The chocolate strawberry cake was amazing and we will definitely be heading back there.

The birthday fun didn't end there, Warped Tour happened to fall on the Saturday following Steph's birthday. We headed down to Mountain View with hopes of sunshine and great music! One of those things happened - the music! The day was quite cool and cloudy and we laughed at the fact that this was our first Warped Tour where we weren't baking in the sun and wanting to jump in a pool. We discovered some new bands and met merch sellers from all over the world.

This Wild Life <3

Warped Tour Happiness

Courage My Love <3

Last but not least, we decided to spend have some with friends at a go-karting arena. We picked the first weekend of July only because that's how it fit into our schedules and we were ecstatic when some of our awesome friends were able to make it despite holiday plans and summer vacations. Go-karting both terrified and excited Steph, who cautiously proceeded around the course. While Cori has been go-karting before, this activity happened to be Stephy’s first experience. Overall, it was a lot of fun and there are plans to return in the future. Lunch and catching up on what everyone's been doing this summer completed the day and finished our birthday plans for 2014.

Go-Kart Gang

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