Sunday, June 15, 2014

What We Love Weekends - Northern California Tide Pools

Hooray! Our first What We Love Weekends post! Every weekend Cori and I will write about What we love about Northern California. This region has stolen our hearts and we are more than excited to share everything it has to offer!

Waves Crashing

We decided to share our tide pool adventures for our first post because visiting the tide pools is our favorite escape from the city. Tide pools are mini universes all their own. Creatures such as sea stars, sea anemones, sea urchins, and crabs are a few of mother nature's creations that can be discovered while tide-pooling the rocky intertidal zone along a coastline. 

Sea Star Discoveries...

...Our favorite discoveries!

In December, two months after we settled in our new home, we paid our first visit to the tide pools at Moss Beach and Mavericks Beach (South of San Francisco in Half Moon Bay) with a friend of Cori's who invited us to go tide pooling. It was the first time that either one of us experienced tide-pooling or as Cori says, "engaging in a wonderful exploration of life under the sea!" Moss Beach was our first stop, but due to a seal in distress, we were unable to explore the area. That's when Cori's friend told us about Mavericks Beach, the best kept secret of the locals. The beach was beautiful without the touristy vibe. Cori and I could easily spend hours staring into the tide pools with a deep sense of wonder. 

Cori wandering along the Tide Pools

Sparkling Tide Pools

Tide Pool Sunshine

Cutie Crab

Life under the sea!

Sea Urchins

Making discoveries

Sea anemones

Tide-pooling is best done in the winter months during a zero or negative low tide. It is also important to note that when visiting the tide pools do not poke or prod living organisms and always wet your hands before touching them. Additionally, it is illegal to remove living organisms, rocks, or shells from the tide pools. Take only photos, which obviously make the best memories!   

Sense of Wonder <3

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  1. I love following along on your adventures on Facebook! You both are just like me, I love the outdoors. I don't think I have ever held a starfish before, but if given the chance I'd totally do it. What's the tattoo on your wrist?

  2. Hey guys, I noticed that you guys read my blog sometimes and I was wondering if you'd maybe like to do a post with me for my blog. I couldn't find your email to email you about it. Also, since we live pretty close to one another, i'd love it if we could meet up one day. I've been following your blog forever.