Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Feels Like Home

Hello Friends!

First and foremost, we would like to shout a big HOORAY for marriage equality in the United States. Since the death of DOMA, 19 states have been granted the freedom to marry. The first 13 states, including the District of Columbia, to pass marriage equality are California, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.

Let's meet the new states...
  • New Jersey became the 14th state in October of 2013 thanks to a Supreme Court ruling.
  • Illinois became the 15th state in November of 2013 signed by Gov. Pat Quinn.
  • Hawaii became the 16th state in December of 2013 signed by Gov. Neil Abercrombie.
  • New Mexico became the 17th state in December of 2013 thanks to a Supreme Court ruling.
  • Oregon became the 18th state in May of 2014 thanks to U.S. District Judge Michael McShane.
  • Pennsylvania became the 19th state in May of 2014 signed by Gov. Tom Corbett. 

Source: Freedom to Marry

In other news, we last wrote about our journey from the East Coast to San Francisco and how we've been creating our new home in Sunny California. We both took turns going home for the Holidays to see our families and friends. I went home to NY for Christmas and Cori went home to CT after the New Year. In between traveling, however, we did spend parts of the Holiday season together enjoying San Francisco Holiday festivities and we celebrated the New Year while watching the Fireworks from the Piers.

Union Square

Holiday Love

Happy 2014

Baby you're a Firework <3

Since the start of the New Year, Cori received a full-time position at Stanford Hospital as a Neurosurgical Nurse and I began working part-time as a Behavioral Interventionist for children on the spectrum of Autism. Additionally, I recently completed my first year of Graduate school... only two more years to go! As much as we miss our families, friends, and the East Coast, there is not a doubt in our minds that California was a right move. There have been struggles, of course, but essentially, living in Northern California feels like home. We have grown together as individuals and as a couple, which has made us incredibly stronger. We've made amazing new friends and ventured to beautiful places within this region. Our loved ones are planning to visit and Cori's younger sister, Natalie, recently stayed with us for a week in the spring. We also had a lovely opportunity to meet with our wonderful friends, Susie and Natalie, during their Holiday visit. We initially met them through blogging, in which Susie documents their adventures and experiences on Stargazer.

NorCal adventures with Natalie!

Meeting with Susie and Natalie

There is so much about California, especially Northern California that we love. The beaches... the culture... the hiking... this state stole our hearts. Even our pups, Madison and Gambit, have been extra happy since the move. There is no turning back. We love you East Coast, especially you NYC, but our hearts now belong to the West Coast and San Francisco.

Happy Pups!

What's to come?!

Starting next weekend, Cori and I will begin What We Love Weekends where we will post about our previous and upcoming California adventures. Beginning next Wednesday, Cori and I will be starting Wanderlust Wednesdays where we will document our previous and upcoming travels around the world, starting with our Costa Rica Honeymoon back in October of 2012. It's been long overdue =)

Thank you for the ongoing support! xoxo

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  1. Love this! Haha though, putting up Christmas photos 6 months later :) Life is just SO BUSY right now! Looking forward to the new segments! xx

    1. hahaha that's how we roll. It's crazy how busy life can become! So happy things have lighten up and now we can breathe a little =) Cannot wait to see you ladies! xo