Thursday, September 5, 2013

Making Lemonade

If life hands you lemons, then you make lemonade... right?

As many of you already know, I (Stephy) was accepted into The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California!

As soon as I received my acceptance letter, time seemed to move quickly. I had to give my job at CCCI a 4 weeks notice for my termination on 8/23/13 and Cori and I had to find me a place to live between August 26 and November 1 of 2013.  Finding a temporary apartment was not an easy task, but I was fortunate to find a sublet in the heart of the Mission in San Francisco (close to my school) with two awesome roommates and an adorable kitty cat.

San Fran House (My Apt)


Cori and I will be separated for approximately 2 months (give or take) and living over 3000 miles away from each other.  This pretty much killed our initial plans, in which we were going to drive cross-country and see the sights from New York to California. Our plans needed rearranging due to my classes starting sooner then I anticipated. I flew out of JFK the morning of August 26th and landed in San Francisco at noon on the same day. Cori and the pups stayed behind., and while I engage in orientation and classes, Cori will finish packing and drive cross-country with the pups on October 4th of this year.  Movers were hired to drive our entire life across the country. This is all very terrifying and exciting.

Packing (Photo by Natalie)

Being temporarily separated from each other has been the most difficult part about this whole entire process. Technology advances such as Skype has made it easier, but it doesn’t compare to physically being with a person. Thankfully, Cori and my mom will be visiting me in California next week. We’ll be sightseeing and viewing 10 potential apartments in hopes of finding a place to call “our home” on the West Coast.

My Life <3

Now that Cori and I are feeling more settled, we will be updating this blog more frequently to update everyone on our crazy/awesome adventure. As of recent, Cori landed a new nursing position at Stanford Hospital and I will be able to fly to Chicago on October 4th to drive through Colorado and Nevada to California with Cori and the pups!

One thing is for certain… we had an amazing summer on the East Coast with our family and friends...

NYC Pride

Awesome BiPride shirts done by  at Sassy Sunshine Tie Dye

BiConfident Pride! 

Equality for all!

Friends Forever

Fun times bowling <3

Matt and Amy

Silly Selfies are the best kind of selfies! 

Baby Shower Goodness - Photo by Tammy from  Eyecandy Photography

There are no friends like the ones you had in high school <3


Family Ties

Gambit and Maddy <3

Big Brother

Motherly Love

River Life <3

Big Sister

Grandma Z doing what she does best!

Our Families <3


Awesome Pup Bandanas by Sassy Sunshine Tie Dye

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Live. Laugh. Love.

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