Thursday, February 28, 2013

Furbaby Celebration

We wanted to wish a very happy birthday to our two wonderful pups, Gambit Kane and Madison Lily! 

Gambit celebrated his 1 year birthday on 2/25/13 &
Maddy celebrated her 5 year birthday on 2/26/13 <3

Cake time!


More unwrapping!


More toys!

It's been 3 months since we brought Gambit home from the shelter and we could not even begin to imagine our life without him. He's our boy... our protector. As four Madison, we cannot believe that she is already 5 years old. It feels like yesterday that we were visiting her, eyes barely opened, and waiting to take her home when she reached 9 weeks. She was so incredibly tiny and perfect. She is still perfect... our beautiful princess. Let's not forget our amazing cat, Sassy. She's such a good puppy sitter... such a furry little trooper! xo

Our Furry Family

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Holiday Season: Newlywed Edition

We Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

This Valentine’s Day was extra special for us because was the first Valentine’s Day that we celebrated at wife and wife! Stephanie had to work, and then go to her horseback riding lesson, but she came home to a 3 course vegan dinner and orange Tulips, her favorite flowers. Cori also received Godiva chocolate, sea salt and dark chocolate, her favorite! 


Vegan Ratatouille

Vegan Chocolate Avocado Apple Crisp

Since being married on 10/13/12, we have embarked on making many first memories as wife and wife. This past Holiday season was a starting point as we continued to carry on traditions and celebrate as a married couple. 
The pups and our Christmas Tree!

First and foremost, our culture has played a role in how we celebrate the Holiday Season. On December 6th, Cori’s family celebrates Mikulas, which is the Czech/Slovak version of Saint Nicholas, and a similar figure to Santa Claus. Food gifts such as chocolate, candy, or tea are usually exchanged. On December 21st (Winter Solstice) we celebrate the Pagan Christmas, also known as Yuel. One wrapped gift, each, is typically exchanged. Up next is the Sunday before Christmas where we celebrate with my family in New York, and then on Christmas Eve, we celebrate with Cori’s family in Connecticut.  On Christmas Day we celebrate in our apartment and we spend the morning with each other. We wake up early, make pancakes, and open gifts with our pups and kitty cat. 

Side Note: A tradition carried over from the Walpole Household is that Stephanie will spend all of Christmas Eve begging to open all her presents, which usually results to Cori giving in and leaving only one present to be opened, each, on Christmas morning. Some things do not change with age, I love her anyway. 

Prior to the New Year, we take a trip to New York with the pups to their Vet/Daycare facility to engage in puppy Holiday festivities.

On January 31st, if Cori doesn’t have to work at the hospital, we will celebrate New Year’s Eve. We’ll go to dinner or a party, watch the ball drop on TV, and engaged in the count down while holding a dollar bill for prosperity. At midnight we kiss. Lastly, on January 6th, Stephanie’s family celebrates Three Kings Day, which originates from her mother’s side (Stephanie’s dad is English and German). It is a Puerto Rican Holiday where jewelry or clothing is typically exchanged. 

The Holidays are not complete without a day spent in NYC where we are able to go ice skating at Bryant Park or Rockefeller Center, shop at the Bryant Park or Grand Central seasonal shops, see the Macy’s window displays, and take a million pictures by the tree at Rockefeller Center. This year, we were able to engage in some NYC Holiday festivities with our lovely friends from London, Laura and Sarah of Sprezzatura. We were so excited to meet them and show them around our favorite city during the Holiday season! 

We met the girls at Union Square, and then we ventured off to the West Village where we took photos by the Gay Street sign. Afterwards, we headed to Big Gay Ice Cream  where we tried peculiar flavors such as salt, olive oil, and butterscotch with chocolate ice cream, as well as curry and ginger with chocolate ice cream. The curry and ginger was definitely a favorite! The giant unicorn was pretty rad as well. 


Out of all the museums in NYC, we thought it would be fun to visit the Museum of Sex. It's always been a favorite of ours because it's educational and genuine. It illustrates real life: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome. We always find the animal exhibit the most interesting due to its discussion of the prevalence of homosexuality among certain species. 

We ended the night with a dinner double date at Stardust Diner where you can eat amazing diner food and be serenaded by amazing talent who are trying to make it big on Broadway. They would sing anything from Broadway classics to radio hits. A perfect end to a perfect day! Of course, not to mention, no NYC experience is complete without photos taken by the sparkling tree at Rockefeller Center.

We said our goodbyes at Grand Central Station, but not before showing Laura and Sarah the terminal's best kept secret: the whispering wall, the very place where Steph proposed to Cori. Goodbyes are never easy. A "see you later" seemed much more fitting, especially since we'll be planning our trip to the UK in the near future and hopefully Laura and Sarah will return for another visit! 

We think it is safe to say that our first Holiday season as wife and wife was an absolute success! 

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