Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy National Coming Out Day

We decided to take a break from wedding planning to celebrate National Coming Out Day by sharing with our readers out "coming out" stories. <3 

In Love

Stephanie’s Coming Out Story:

Growing up, I was taught to always be myself and never change for anyone. In that sense, I didn’t exactly come out of a metaphorical closet. I kind of just woke up one day, realized that I was in love with my best friend, and then I just went with it. I was lucky enough to have open-minded friends and family who have been nothing less than supportive. Basically, the only person I hid it from was Cori, but I would’ve hid it from her even if she were a boy because rejection can be terrifying. About a week later, I told her how I felt and that was the start of our love story, filled with both heartbreak and happiness.  

When I first told my family and friends about my feelings for Cori, they weren’t entirely surprised. I mean, they saw how close Cori and I became and they could tell that we were more than friends, which is ironic because Cori and I were the last to know that we would become more than friends. On the other hand, while I always acknowledged that I found girls attractive, I’ve always been solely into boys so dating a girl was definitely an adjustment for everyone. Nevertheless, everyone adjusted to my bisexuality pretty well. Moreover, I give my mother a lot of credit because she had to teach herself how to balance her faith with the love for her bisexual daughter. My father, as well as my older brother and older sister, had an easier time adjusting and accepting my relationship with Cori. As for my friends, telling them about my relationship with Cori was like telling them that I was a vegan/vegetarian. They asked questions and pretty much rolled with it. Actually, I’m pretty sure they took a longer accepting my change in diet than they did accepting my sexuality. 

Corrine’s Coming Out Story:

Growing up I was taught acceptance. My mother was raised in a strict Roman Catholic household and she vowed to raise her children with structure but less strict. One of my best friends through middle school was openly bisexual. I supported her and didn’t see anything differently when she was dating a girl than the guys I was dating, but I never envisioned myself as bisexual until I met Stephanie. She was unlike anyone else I’d ever met and we became fast friends. Our relationship just flowed so easily and we quickly couldn’t imagine our lives before we met. I was hesitant to start a relationship with her at first; however, it was more that I need self exploration and discovery than the fact that I didn’t love her. I truly did and that’s what made things so easy. We were best, very close friends for four years before we began dating and I can’t imagine being with anyone else.

When I told my friends, no one I was close with seemed too shocked. I have lost some friends due to my relationship with a female; however, I have gained some amazing ones in their places. My family’s reactions are mixed. No one cast me out or stopped inviting us over; however, there isn’t a lot of talk amongst my family members (outside my siblings and parents) about our relationship or our wedding. My stomach was in complete and total knots when I told my siblings and parents. I have two brothers and one sister and I told everyone separately. I think that was more torture to me but I survived and they were amazing. I told my sister first but she basically already knew. The same story continues down the line. I told my mother next one day while we were baking together. She asked if I was happy and I said yes. I told my older brother third and his response was “I really like Steph”.  My dad’s response was that he thought we had gotten married one weekend when we went away to Massachusetts and he thought I was telling him about the marriage. This was two years ago! My younger brother found out along the way. I don’t remember specifically talking to him, but he is the most laid back of my siblings so his response was probably similar to the others. My grandmother (who is in her 90s) had a bit of trouble accepting me. She said “fine they can date, but do they have to get married? Why don’t they just live together?” Four years later she is going to be walking down the aisle just before me on my wedding day. Who would have thought!

Only 2 days until our wedding! 
So unbelievably excited!

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  1. Bless... Slo lovely and so wonderful your families are supportive.
    Bet you can't wait for your big day xxxx