Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding Gifts: Part 1

My First Flight Video
Featuring "I Feel Like Dancing" by All Time Low


In keeping with tradition, Cori was the first one to present her wedding gift. She purchased me a 1 hour flying lesson, in which I was able to take off, fly, and land the plane by myself or with limited assistance from my instructor! It was such an amazing experience and now I am inspired to obtain my pilot's license in the near future. We are absolutely loving the idea of being able to fly ourselves, in a private plane, during our travels. Hands down, best present ever! How will I compare? Stay tune for part 2 of wedding gifts.

Beautiful Co-Pilot

Flying solo!

View of LI

Record Book and Certificate

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Ventura Flying School: Long Island

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  1. Very interesting wedding gift ever, among all thewedding gifts ideas I've ever browsed! lol. Expensive too >.< congrats!