Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Creating Our Day

Cori and I recently headed to the city to select our wedding rentals. We, along with Natalie, met with a representative from Classic Party Rentals, recommended by our catering chef, and spent a whole afternoon mixing and matching tables, chairs, and dining ware. It was so much fun being able to hand-pick everything from the styles to colors. Even more, we were able blend our colors and themes, creating gorgeous table settings.

Here are some of our rental choices:

Fruitwood Ballroom chairs with raspberry cotton cushions, white cotton cloths, and burgundy cotton napkins.
Ivory gold band china.

Pearl flatware.

Table setting with high stem water goblet and wine glass.

Sample table setting <3

 For us (The Brides):

Magnificence gold red wind glass and flute.

Gold pearl flatware.

We will also need approximately ten 30" or 36" round tables for our reception, including a sweetheart table. For the ceremony, we will have simple white folding chairs, and for cocktail hour, we will have three high top tables for our guests. Additionally, now that summer is ending, many crafts stores are unpacking their fall items, in which we were able to purchase autumn décor, as well as Victorian décor for our venue. We’ve been pinning ideas on Pinterest and became endlessly inspired! Make sure to follow my Pinterest account and check out our wedding board to see our wedding inspirations.

Last, but definitely not least, Cori and I hired a wedding coordinator, Lulu, to assist us on the day of our wedding. She was recommended by my older sister and Maid of Honor, Debbie, who she’s known since they were in high school. We were on the fence about this decision because we planned the entire wedding on our own and we figured we could handle the day of our wedding just fine. After much consideration, however, we decided that the added stress of coordinating everything on our wedding day would take away from us being able to enjoy ourselves. Lulu will spend the entire time coordinating vendors, assisting with the venue décor, and handling any issues that may arise. Lulu is efficient and she is able to make us feel at ease. Lulu was even able to find someone to walk Madison back to our hotel after the ceremony because we didn’t want her to be at the reception due to the loud music and our inability to stop guests from accidentally feeding her table scraps. Lulu was, without a doubt, a great investment because when October 13th of 2012 arrives, there will be two very happy and stress-free brides!

Love, Stephorrine Lily xox

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  1. Those place setting look so so lovely.....
    It's good you have some of the pressure taken off you by hiring Lulu.... It's so exciting xx

  2. Wow, everything looks great! I speak from experience when I say that hiring a wedding coordinator is the BEST decision you could have made. You'll be very happy you did on the day of! The less you both have to worry about, the better. :)