Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!

We are officially in the double digits! 
Only 87 days until our fairytale wedding in NYC!

Now we shall debut our wedding invitations, which reads...

 Deborah and Kenneth Petrushonis
Together with
Nellie and William Walpole

Request the pleasure of your company
At the eternal binding of their daughters

Corrine Anne Petrushonis
Stephanie Frances Walpole

On Saturday, the thirteenth of October
 Two thousand and twelve
 At four o’clock in the evening

At Midtown Loft and Terrace
 New York, NY

Outdoor ceremony
 Reception to follow ceremony

“With your baby’s breath, breathe symphonies, come on sweet catastrophe”

Choosing our wedding invitations was probably one of our hardest wedding tasks. We wanted invitations that combined both of our wedding colors, red and pink, as well as our autumn and Victorian theme. Nothing we found came close to what we envisioned as our perfect wedding invite, but we weren’t about to settle for anything less. Luckily for us, Cori’s wonderful sister and Maid of Honor, Natalie, offered to use her artistic skills to create our wedding invites. 

Natalie was able to incorporate our colors and themes flawlessly. Our names were written in gold and separated by simple Victorian knot. Natalie also hand-drew beautiful and lifelike autumn leaves, which bordered to left of the invites. The leaves displayed autumn colors with a focus on the color red and they were laid elegantly against a faded pink. 

Wedding Invite, Created by Natalie

We chose the song lyric “With your baby’s breath, breathe symphonies, come on sweet catastrophe” from the song Hurricane by Something Corporate because we love music just as much as we love each other and we needed to honor that notion. Music has impacted our lives both individually and together. These invitations wouldn't be "us" unless we incorporated a meaningful lyric and this specific lyric defines us perfectly. This lyric isn't from our chosen wedding song, but it is from another paramount song that never fails to remind us of each other.

Something Corporate Album Cover - Audioboxer

We ordered the invitation stationary in bulk, carefully choosing our colors. After careful consideration, we first decided to use white paper to better showcase Natalie’s work. The paper would be laid upon a piece of red paper, which will border the wedding invite. We then chose a pink envelopes, as well as pink RSVP return envelopes. Lastly, we chose gold for the pocketfold, which greatly added to the elegance. 

Finalized Invites

Before sending out the wedding invites in mid-June, Cor and I enlisted Natalie and spent a whole day at their family’s cottage putting the invitations together. Everything was going smoothly, until we realized that we ordered the wrong size envelopes. Fortunately, we were able to place another order for the correct size envelopes and have them shipped to us within the next day, which allowed us to stay somewhat on schedule. As frustrating as it was, if this was the worst of our wedding planning, then we are doing pretty well!

Our Work Station

The Glue Girl

The Sorter

The Crew <3

Last, but certainly not least...
A colossal thank you to all of our readers for helping us reach over 10,000 views! Thank you for all of the support!! xox

Love, Stephorrine Lily xox


  1. Only 85 days, ekkkk! That's so exciting!

  2. Your invites are beautiful! I love all your personal touches to your wedding :)
    S xx

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to see some more of your updates! xo