Sunday, June 24, 2012


One year ago from today, the state of New York declared marriage equality and the city that never sleeps celebrated until the morning hours. The Empire State Building was lit up in pride colors and same-sex New York couples became eager to wed. That very year, Cori and I were booking our caterers and tasting vegan wedding cupcakes!

NYC Pride 2011
New York City Pride 2012 was just as memorable. New Yorkers celebrated the anniversary of marriage equality in their state in nothing less than bright colors, dancing, and music. Give a Damn co-founder Cyndi Lauper was a Grand Marshal during the parade and co-founder of the Forty to None Project to help homeless LGBT youth, which officially launched today. 

Photo Credit: Give a Damn Campaign

This was our fourth year attending the NYC Pride Parade and every year we have an epic time! This year, instead of sporting rainbow colors, Cori and I decided to wear bright pink shirts with the words BiConfident written in blue and purple. This year, Cori and I wore our Bisexual Pride!

Made by Cori

 NYC Pride Highlights...

Pride Bracelets

Sister Support

 Borough Pride

Stonewall Democrats

Immigration Equality


Girl Just Wanna Have Fun

Best Sign!

Party in NYC

Bisexuality Does Exist.

We hope everyone is having a  
Happy Pride Month.

And don't forget...

If you identify as bisexual, then submit a photo to the BiConfidence Campaign and help us debunk the myths and spread bisexuality pride. xo


  1. I'm so jealous! We're going to miss Pride in New Mexico this year. :(

    It looks like you gals had a blast - great pics!

    1. Awe... I'm sure you celebrated in Spirit! New Mexico Pride sounds like fun! =)

  2. Im so jealous it looked like such fun. I definitely want to plan a visit for a NY pride :)

    1. Yes! It's always a blast! We hope your trip to NY went well! =)