Sunday, June 24, 2012


One year ago from today, the state of New York declared marriage equality and the city that never sleeps celebrated until the morning hours. The Empire State Building was lit up in pride colors and same-sex New York couples became eager to wed. That very year, Cori and I were booking our caterers and tasting vegan wedding cupcakes!

NYC Pride 2011
New York City Pride 2012 was just as memorable. New Yorkers celebrated the anniversary of marriage equality in their state in nothing less than bright colors, dancing, and music. Give a Damn co-founder Cyndi Lauper was a Grand Marshal during the parade and co-founder of the Forty to None Project to help homeless LGBT youth, which officially launched today. 

Photo Credit: Give a Damn Campaign

This was our fourth year attending the NYC Pride Parade and every year we have an epic time! This year, instead of sporting rainbow colors, Cori and I decided to wear bright pink shirts with the words BiConfident written in blue and purple. This year, Cori and I wore our Bisexual Pride!

Made by Cori

 NYC Pride Highlights...

Pride Bracelets

Sister Support

 Borough Pride

Stonewall Democrats

Immigration Equality


Girl Just Wanna Have Fun

Best Sign!

Party in NYC

Bisexuality Does Exist.

We hope everyone is having a  
Happy Pride Month.

And don't forget...

If you identify as bisexual, then submit a photo to the BiConfidence Campaign and help us debunk the myths and spread bisexuality pride. xo

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eco-Friendly Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, Cori’s sister and Maid of Honor, Natalie, spent the week at our apartment and helped us design our wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Natalie is exceptionally talented in the arts and crafts department. She designed our Save the Dates, as well as our beautiful wedding invitations, which will be sent out this month!

Us and Natalie

While discussing bouquets and centerpieces, Cori and I ultimately decided that we were going to use silk flowers for the bouquets because one of our wedding goals was to keep our wedding Eco-friendly. Using silk flowers and plants is a great way of going green. Many flowers being sold are imported from developing countries where pesticides are often used. Additionally, it is also important for the environmentally conscience to consider travel fuel, as well as packaging materials that are needed to transport the flowers. We considered going organic and purchasing  “in season” flowers from a local florist, but Cori had her heart set on star gazer lilies, while I had my heart set on orange tulips, and neither one of them is an autumn flower. For us, using silk arrangements seemed like the best choice.

Using What is Available: 

First and foremost, our ceremony site, a NYC rooftop, will be pre-decorated with seasonal plants and flowers, which means that we solely need to focus on our reception décor and floral accessories. 

NYC Rooftop Ceremony

Getting Creative:

While I was at work, Cori and Natalie ventured off to the local craft store to purchase an arrangement of flowers for the bridal bouquets and the bridal party bouquets. After the ceremony, we will have the bridal party place their bouquets in empty vases so the arrangements can also serve as reception décor.

Mixing and Matching

After arranging the flowers and tying them together with antique felt. Cori and I also picked out a ribbon to accent the bouquets. The ribbon illustrates a world map as a tribute to our love for travel. 

World Map Ribbon

As for Eco-friendly centerpieces, we decided to use paper flowers made from coffee filters and placing a bunch of them in mason jars, which will be wrapped in lace.

Paper Flowers

We cannot thank Natalie enough for devoting her time to helping us develop creative and Eco-Friendly ideas and making our visions become a reality. You can follow the lovely and artsy Natalie on twitter HERE!