Monday, April 16, 2012

BiConfident - Meredith's Story

We are very excited to introduce you to Biconfident guest blogger, Meredith, who shares her thoughts about biphobia, as well as her personal story. Meredith also creates beautiful embroidery pieces, which you can find on her blog HERE.

Upon learning about our BiConfident Campaign, the extremely talented Meredith created this notable “BiCondfident” embroidery piece and posted the pattern on her embroidery blog for any crafty readers to use. Check it out HERE.

I have always known I was bisexual. Well, that's not quite right. Until age 11, I assumed that everyone was bisexual. I was lucky to be an uncomplicated and oblivious child, and never struggled with my sexuality.

It really wasn't until after graduating high school that I experienced biphobia. Suddenly people who didn't know me at all were telling me I was confused about my own mind and heart. I encountered this negative attitude from almost everyone, straight, gay, and other bisexuals alike.

After I became disabled I could only meet new people and potential partners online. This means that orientation is one of the first things they judge you on, before even thinking about your personality. I know countless bisexual women who have listed themselves as gay on dating sites because it's the only way to get a date with another woman.

It hurts to feel like you have to choose between being honest and dating. It hurts to receive criticism and contempt from all sides, with no safe haven away from it. I don't know any cities with heavily bisexual neighborhoods or bisexual bars or bisexual soccer teams. To be in the middle of the gay and straight worlds is to be marginalized.

You can read more of Meredith’s Story HERE.

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