Saturday, March 17, 2012

Making Strides and Staying Positive

Keep Calm and Carry On   

On February 17, 2012, Governor Christie vetoed a bill, which would’ve legalized same-sex marriage in the state of New Jersey. Nevertheless, New Jersey's legislature has until 2013 to overturn Governor Christie's veto with a two-thirds majority. Meanwhile, on February 23, 2012, victory was brought to the state of Maryland when Governor Martin O’Malley provided his signature for a bill that made Maryland the eighth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Couples of the LGBT community will be able to legally wed in the state of Maryland in January 2013, presuming that opponents of marriage equality do not succeed in their attempts to overturn the new law. Hopefully New Jersey’s momentary defeat is a bump on the road towards equality, while Maryland’s victory is promise for the future of America. 

Making Strides

After Cori and I are married in October, we plan to relocate, hopefully in the west coast. With wanderlust in our bloods, we crave a new environment and new adventures. I’ll be applying to PhD. programs in the summer, while Cori searches for new employment opportunities. The world seems like our oyster until we think about the uncertainty of our human rights. In the states of Connecticut and New York, we feel safe and secure because we will be recognize as a legal married couple. Granted, we have six other states to choose from, which also legalize same-sex marriages, but they are not states that we desire to live in. America is making strides, but the battle is not fully won unit couples in the LGBT community are able to choose a home without having to worry about joint taxes, adoption laws, or even hospital visitation rights. Cori and I aren’t ones to let legalities hold us back from living our dreams, but the mere thought of losing several of our rights is inescapably stressful. What is the best way to cope with the stress? Stay positive!

Cori and I are undeniably blessed to have parents who shower us with unconditional love. It is easy to weather any storm when you have a strong support system, especially when your support system consists of family members. My mom and dad, as well as Cori’s mom and dad, have come a long way since they first discovered that Cori and I were irrevocably in love. Our parents were never hateful, judgmental, or intolerant, but it was an adjustment for them nonetheless. It is the ongoing acceptance, love, and support from our parents that fuels our hope for a positive future. 

Cori and her Parents

Stephy and her Parents

During the beginning of March, my mom shared a photo of a PFLAG mom on Facebook, which was originally posted by the Gay Marriage For New York fan page, and she wrote I love you as her caption. It's the little things, like my mother's post, that truly matter and instill hope. 

PFLAG Mom Photo

Weekend Festivities! 

Another great way to stay positive is to enjoy life and laugh with friends. Cori and I, along with Cori’s little sister and our pup, had an amazing St. Patty’s Day! Our day started with delicious vegan food, prepared by Cori, and ended with a movie night. Who says you have to be Irish or eat corn beef and cabbage to have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day? 

Playing with Maddy

Happiness at the Beach


Hiking and Kisses


  1. two are sooo cute. Gosh, I come on here and I wish more than ever that I had the same for myself. :(

    You are right've gotta stay positive. One day, I have hope that the world will open it's eyes and like that mom said on her sign, not judge anyone for who they love, but rather the content of their character! LOVE that.

    xo Tami

    1. Thank you! Keep the faith... there is someone for everyone! :)
      I hope equality for all will be everywhere in time for the next generation at least. xox