Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dates, Themes, and Colors! Oh, My!

The Date... 
Cori and I always wanted to have a fall wedding. Autumn is our favorite season because it symbolizes change and it is just a beautiful time of year, especially in the New England and Tri-State area. The green leaves begin to fade into beautiful colors of red, yellow, and orange and the autumn breeze isn’t too hot or cold. We chose October as our wedding month because it is the start of the foliage and it is also the month of Halloween, which is our favorite Holiday. We then decided to get married on the thirteenth of October for the opportunity to celebrate future anniversaries on Friday the 13th in the month of October. We thought about getting married on Halloween, but we wanted to keep the Holiday separate from our anniversary. Moreover, in the year 2012, Halloween falls on a Wednesday, while the thirteenth falls on as Saturday. We wanted to celebrate our wedding on a weekend because it would be difficult for our friends and families take off from school or work. Lastly, we chose the year 2012 because it gave us approximately 1.5 years, from February 2011, to plan the wedding of our dreams. We were able to reserve vendors early and pay them off without having to worry about so many big bills.  

Autumn Love

The Theme and Colors...
Once a date was chosen, Cori and I had to decide on a theme and colors. First and foremost, we knew that we wanted have an Eco-friendly and animal-friendly wedding. Secondly, we knew we wanted to have an autumn wedding. We were initially torn between getting married in New England or New York. We ultimately decided on a NYC wedding because we felt that it gave us the best of both worlds. We will have our wedding photos captured among the autumn scenery in Central Park and we will share our first married kiss as we overlook the city of Manhattan. Not to mention, Manhattan is and has always been our city. Along with our autumn theme, we decided to incorporate the essence from the Victorian era. I absolutely adore the modishness and sophistication of the Victorian period and Cori developed a passionate appreciation for the feminine qualities of the era. We also found ourselves inspired by Marie Antoinette’s bedroom during our summer trip to Paris and Versaille. Granted, the late queen of France wore her crown during the Georgian era, but both historical periods are fairly similar in feminine elegance.  

Marie Antoinette’s Bedroom
As for our colors, we decided to go with pink and red for a few reasons:
  1. We became engaged in the February, the month of Valentine’s Day, in which the Holiday colors are typically red and pink
  2. They are authentically feminine.
  3. Each color represents our chosen theme (Red for autumn and Pink for Victorian).
Cori and I are wearing traditional white dresses and our maids will be wearing our chosen wedding colors. Cori’s maids will be dressed in a raspberry pink, while my maids will be dressed in an apple red. The next step in our wedding planning journey is to choose centerpieces, decorations, and rentals that reflect our wedding theme, which will be decided during the summer. This is where we need the most inspiration. The lovely Emily, creator of the For Real Equality Weddings website, generously offered to design an inspiration board for our wedding. She created a stunning inspiration board that Cori and I found to be flawless and provided us with much needed direction.

Inspiration Board

We love everything from the lace to the teacups, and how the pinks and reds compliment each other. We especially love the vegan/vegetarian menu written on the old glass window! Emily is a wonderful and talented individual. You can visit her HERE and read featured wedding stories, as well as access brilliant ideas for wedding planning!

Inspiration Board Photo Credits
Cupcakes: Nadine's Cakes
Menu Board: Style Me Pretty 
Wedding Cake: Martha Stewart
"Just Married" & Champagne: Martha Stewart
Red Rose On Back Of Chair: The Knot
Happy Tears: Freckled Nest 
Luminaries: Merci 
Gloves: Romantic Rona on Etsy


  1. Totally love how much thought you've put into your theme and colours - it sounds like your wedding is going to be wonderful - I'd love to get married in New York!


  2. It all sounds soooooooop fabulous.....
    Love the pumpkin photo.... Love autumn too... All the colours....
    Loving following your wedding plans xxx

  3. Wow, we love following your wedding planning, Laura is turning into a wedding obsessed monster!!! It all sounds wonderful, and October is SO the best month of the year! (Yes, Laura was born in October, but also autumn, pumpkins, crisp cool days, amazing!)

    Keep the wedding updates coming! :D

    Laura & Sarah xo

  4. Yay I love wedding planning posts :) me and L adore autumn, especially halloween. My birthday is near halloween and I love it as people always buy me halloween themed gifts! Your colours and themes are beautiful-I love how personal you have made it, Ive seen so many weddings in magazines that are about following a trend or impressing others-the fact that yours represents you is wonderful :)
    S xx