Friday, January 20, 2012

Adventures in Wedding Planning

There are 267 days until our wedding date and we are making strides!! Ever since Cori and I proposed to each other in February of last year, we’ve been meeting with vendors and booking favorites. From the beginning, Cori and I always planned on marrying in New York City. I’m from New York and she’s from Connecticut, but New York City has always been our place, our city. Of course, when we made the decision to marry in New York, gay marriage was not legalized. Our original plan was to obtain a marriage license in Connecticut and have the ceremony in New York. It would have been a headache, but we weren’t about to let legalities get in the way of making our dream wedding become a reality. Nevertheless, as luck would have it, gay marriage became legal in the state of New York July 24, 2011, thanks in large part to Governor Andrew Cuomo.
Rainbow Empire State Building, NYC Pride

Our first order of business was to book a venue. During the spring of 2011, we visited a dozen venues before picking the one that suite our needs the best. We knew we wanted the venue to be located in either Brooklyn or Manhattan and we knew we did not want a "cookie-cutter" wedding. We scoped out half a dozen venues and fell in love with a venue located in Midtown Manhattan. The space was perfect for the reception and the terrace, with its breathtaking views of the city, was perfect for the ceremony. The venue provided us with an all-encompassing view of the Manhattan skyline and the Empire State Building, as well as a doorman, event manager, red carpet, and in-house furniture. The venue is also perfect because it is pet friendly, which means our boxer, Madison, will be able to be a part of our special day. After our initial tour of the venue, Cori and I, without hesitation, booked the venue for October 13, 2012.

Bridal Suite

Venue's NYC View

Once we had the venue booked, Cori and I met with a potential caterer, Chef Rossi of The Raging Skillet, in June of 2011. Cori and I are both vegetarians and supporters of animal rights, which meant that we wanted a cruelty free wedding. Chef Rossi is able to create a delicious vegan/vegetarian menu for our cocktail hour and reception. More importantly, she is able to create a menu that shouldn’t leave our meat-loving guests feel as if they are going hungry. Further into the summer, Cori and I booked our photographer, Erica Camille, as well as our DJ, Colleen Crumbcake. Erica Camille is a brilliant photojournalist who takes authentically beautiful photos. Cori and I knew that we wanted traditional posing photos, but we also wanted someone who would be able to take candid photos and really capture the essence and raw emotion. Colleen Crumbcake is part of Popshop! DJs and her specialty is providing music that isn’t clich├ęd. We were completely sold on her willingness to work with us to create a music playlist that reflects our personalities and also accommodates the musical taste of our guests, as well as her dedication for preserving the elegance of our wedding.

One thing that Cori and I were on the fence about was up-lighting. We planned on placing candles throughout the reception hall, but we weren’t sure if purchasing up-lighting would be pointless or a good investment. While doing some research, most couples stated that there are three things that should be a splurge: catering, lighting, and photography. We decided to follow this formula and we hired someone to provide us with fairy lights for the dance floor and amber up-lighting for around the reception hall. Last, but definitely not least, Cori and I recently met with a wedding officiant who’s name is April. I remember seeing April perform my cousin’s wedding a few years ago and I fell in love with her style. I showed Corrine a sample of April’s work and Cori was sold. April is customizing our entire ceremony and performing a hand-fasting after we say our vows. Even more, April is an unwavering supporter of marriage equality, which we found to be absolutely inspiring.

Cori and I wanted to create a wedding, from scratch, that showcased who we are as a couple. Being two females in love and planning a wedding is already a step away from traditional wedding values. We took this as an opportunity to create our own traditions and customs. It’s both stressful and exciting. Sometimes we think that we should’ve planned something simpler, but when we think about it on a broader spectrum, why not be creative? We still have so much more to plan, but it is such a relief to have all of our major vendors booked!  Additionally, I’ve already ordered my Ivy and Aster wedding dress from Lovely Brides and Cori ordered her dream dress from David’s Bridal. The dresses for our bridal parties have also been chosen and placed on order. Our advice for any engaged couple planning a wedding… plan early, HAVE FUN, do your research, don’t settle, and really decide what you need, want, and can do without.
NYC Pride

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  1. AH omg so exciting!!!! :D :D :D <3 All sounds fab! LOVE the fairy lights idea! Can't wait until we start planning. I can't wait to also see you wedding photos lol.

    Are your dresses similar or completely different? How did you decide what to do?

    M x

    1. Thank you =) I can't wait until you two start planning! Our dresses are completely different, with lace being the only similarity. Cor's dress in long and traditional, while my dress is short, about to the knees. We wanted our dresses to compliment our personalities. As soon as they come in we will post pics=) -S xo

  2. So exciting to see another lesbian wedding blog! I love your save the dates :)

  3. Sooooooooooo exciting...... Yay..... Love the Bridal Suite....And wow gorgeous terrace view xx

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